Are we compliance first or innovation first? Yes.

In healthcare, there is often a false dichotomy presented - a compliant, security-forward approach or a focus on innovation. But ClearDATA offers a different perspective – one in which both options are equally available and viable.

Let’s talk about how. At ClearDATA, our team of healthcare and cloud experts dig into your cloud strategies with an eye on security and compliance. Our cloud architects are certified across three major public clouds and are at the forefront of the changing landscape of healthcare, driving an evolution at the intersection of it and the cloud.

We will integrate a tailored services model with hand-picked subject matter experts - all designed to support your strategic cloud journey. Our services encompass people, processes, and technology. ClearDATA will meet you where you are, in as efficient a manner as possible. This saves you work and accelerates your project development.

Start Secure, Stay Secure with Services

Our team works around the clock to keep your environment secure and compliant.

Start Secure.


We integrate security into the process from the moment we engage in a conversation. By starting with a secure infrastructure, we streamline your development process, so your team can create and deploy your project faster.

Our certified cloud architects configure your environment in a safe and compliant manner optimally configured for the unique challenges of protecting PHI - from an architecture level as it relates to networking and access management to a resource level and advising and configuring on the appropriate cloud services configured correctly to handle PHI.

Our unique DevOps approach allows security practices to be integrated throughout the entire software development lifecycle. We understand the best practices and design patterns for common cloud use cases such as:

  • Data lakes and analytic environments
  • Customer facing, high availability, transactional applications
  • Container based architecture
  • Text analytics/call center analytics

We are deeply invested in your ultimate objectives and are signed on to help you achieve them over the lifecycle of your project. We are committed to your success.

Stay Secure.


We continue to work with your team post-deployment and throughout the entire lifecycle of your application: both to keep you secure as well as help with ongoing needs as your cloud journey expands and scales. ClearDATA’s team of advisors – experts in healthcare specific security and compliance, cloud optimization and cutting-edge technology and industry trends - schedules regular reviews to ensure you’re exceeding your pre-determined objectives, and to identify opportunities to mature your instance. They will share both broad industry insight and account analysis.

We manage your cloud environment so that you can focus on your innovation. Some of the ongoing services you can expect from us are:

  • Facilitating changes to your cloud environment 
  • Integrating and managing security tooling such as anti-virus, vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection – from IaaS to PaaS environments
  • Managing updates and mitigating the risk associated with hundreds of cloud provider changes made every month
  • Keeping virtual machines up to date, including scheduled operating system (OS) level vulnerability patching and CVE emergency patching
  • Provide security event alerts that accelerate co-investigation and remediation efforts
  • Optimizing your cloud cost with deep account usage review, coupled with architectural advice and management

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