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In recent years, the potential for scaling medical technology and other life sciences innovation via cloud-based data capture and analytics has grown exponentially. Of course, the requirement to identify and shore up vulnerabilities within such applications has increased proportionally. The insights gained from responsible use of sensitive health data shared securely via  the public cloud can  help reduce time to market and improve response to population health trends. Whether processing clinical trials, developing software as a medical device, or scaling testing applications to meet heightened demand, advanced analytics and machine learning from the public cloud can accelerate results from large sets of sensitive health data.


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Gain Insights from Clinical Trials Faster

See how ClearDATA enables EnsoData, a cloud-native company, to maximize the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence via the public cloud - deriving insights from sleep studies in a matter of minutes.

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Scale Testing to Meet Demands

See how you can harness powerful technologies within the public cloud to scale resources automatically  to match demand, while ClearDATA works behind the scenes to mitigate risk and secure valuable data.

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Bring Your Device to Market Faster

See how ClearDATA's management of security and compliance helps InfoBionic, a cloud-based medical device company, focus on providing an improved ambulatory remote patient monitoring and cardiac diagnostic service.

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Partner with the Healthcare Cloud Expert

With ClearDATA, direct access the public cloud, coupled with mechanisms to secure sensitive health data, can propel life sciences organizations toward faster insights and results. As experts in healthcare and life sciences, we can help you navigate HIPAA and GDPR regulations as it applies to the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and get your cloud-based solutions up and running so you can focus on the development of your application – improving healthcare along the way.




Top Life Sciences Concerns: Do You Know When Regulatory Frameworks Apply?

This article outlines and answers several common questions Life Sciences organizations ask regarding frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR. Test your knowledge to see whether you can correctly identify the compliance requirements for life sciences organizations in each scenario.

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The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™


Comprised of software and services, the ClearDATA Platform empowers life sciences organizations to scale their operations in the public cloud by providing direct access to the latest cloud-based apps, services and APIs while protecting sensitive health information (PHI/PII).


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The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform

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