Efficiently Manage and Assess Permissions Sprawl 

ClearDATA’s new Identity Access Management (IAM) visualization mapping capability provides a powerful and easily digestible solution to complex permissions management—offering intuitive visualization and analysis so your team can move quickly, implementing appropriate controls for your cloud ecosystem.  

Dive in with a clear view of IAM across your cloud environment(s) through the critical security lens - only through the ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform. Now, the platform extends its automated security and compliance tooling, helping organizations manage and understand the scope of risk associated with permissions, gaining immediate insight into:   

  • The individuals and roles with access to specific resources, which resources give permissions to whom, and which applications have access to those resources   
  • Stale resources  
  • Least privilege enforcement   
  • Do users and roles have large amounts of permissions that aren’t being used?  
  • Do we have stale sensitive data? 
  • Do I have sensitive data that isn’t being used and would be better off deleted?  
  • PHI-containing resources 
  • Individuals granted access to PHI  
Uncover Data Access Insights

Whether you’re using one public cloud or all three, our platform leverages the permissions data from your cloud account to visualize the interconnectedness of permissions and IAM across its entire footprint.


Figure 1. Easily map all of the resources to which each user has access


Determine Risk Factor

Combined with insight into whether the data sources being accessed are compliant with standards and regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, our software doesn’t just tell you who has access to what resources but it also generates a compliance score to help you assess and prioritize vulnerabilities. Based upon our understanding of how different standards and regulations apply to cloud, as well as our security focused mindset, the platform delivers indicators of risk so that you can understand if it’s necessary to make policy changes.  


Figure 2: The green, yellow, or red color rings indicate levels of risk based upon the different resources. You can click within to learn more about why it’s a perceived risk.
Customize Your View of Permissions

Use different filters to view IAM and permissions by resources, labels, cloud account, user, or whether or not the account houses PHI or PII or metadata related to the resource. 


Figure 3: Filter by resource to see what users have access to that resource and whether or not it contains PHI.



Implement Least Privilege Strategy

Uncover any identities have large amounts of permissions that aren't being used by filtering by users or resources. Easily view how many resources a user has by simply filtering by their user ID or selecting them in the visualization.


Figure 4. Select an individual user to see their connected resources.



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