Get More Visibility In Your Cloud Compliance & Security

See what’s new in the CyberHealth™ Platform, our cloud security posture management (CSPM) purpose-built for healthcare.

In today’s complex cloud landscape, healthcare IT leaders have more to consider and protect than ever. How do you ensure your PHI data is protected? Are you considering a multi-cloud strategy to take advantage of the best each cloud provider offers, like generative AI? How do you understand the ways that your cloud infrastructure satisfies technical controls mapped to HITRUST certification requirements so you can accelerate the certification process and focus on innovation and growth?

Meeting required healthcare compliance standards and being prepared for mandatory audits demands a high level of expertise to properly map the regulatory language to the technical controls needed to satisfy them. Software solutions can help you demonstrate continuous compliance, but choosing the right software and hiring a team of full-time compliance experts can burn through your budget and complicate your workflows.

At ClearDATA, we put it all together for you. Our cloud compliance managed services create true harmony between software and support. The CyberHealth Platform, together with our expert compliance engineers, protects, detects, and responds – so you don’t have to.

Today, we are excited to share several additions to the CyberHealth Platform that will help you in addressing those daunting questions.

Manage and track compliance posture

The first step is to gain visibility into your current compliance posture. The CyberHealth Platform continuously monitors your cloud resources and evaluates misconfigured services against healthcare standards and benchmarks. With our 100s of safeguards built upon our 12+ years protecting healthcare companies, we handle the complexity of mapping standards to technical controls and then determining how to evaluate them against the different cloud providers and services.

The improved Compliance Dashboard makes assessing your overall compliance status easy through a unified view of all your cloud resources across the major cloud environmentsAWS, Azure, and GCP. From here you can then drill down into what makes up your compliance score.

Prioritize based on risk

Now that you know what your compliance score is, the next step is to focus your efforts on the resources that have the greatest effect on your overall posture. The NEW Resource Viewer simplifies the process of reviewing and resolving dangerous misconfigurations to secure your most valuable assets.

This new feature allows you to refine and filter your cloud assets to gain perceptive insights to streamline score improvement. Once you have narrowed down your results, you can follow simple instructions to remediate a compliance failure.

Take actions to protect your data

Once you’ve understood your posture and prioritized your biggest threats, the third step is the implementation of appropriate security controls. At the heart of the CyberHealth Platform are our 100s of safeguards that provide the context to evaluate your cloud services against technical controls mapped to industry standards and frameworks.

With the enhanced Automated Safeguards page, we make it easier for you to gain actionable context on how to protect your data and remain compliant. Each Safeguard provides clear language that explains how to map the regulatory language to the technical controls necessary to satisfy them, details on how ClearDATA evaluates your cloud resources, and step-by-step instructions on how to properly configure the resource to be secure and remain compliant. Easily compare multiple Regulatory Frameworks and Industry Standards satisfied by each safeguard with our audit-ready mappings.

Stay tuned for more updates on the CyberHealth Platform soon.

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