Extend the Value of Data Sets and Images Containing PHI/PII Without Compromising Compliance

ClearDATA Locate is a product suite based on cutting edge technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), engineered to enable customers to identify, manage, and compliantly use data sets that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

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ClearDATA Locate® Mask

ClearDATA Locate Mask is Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows healthcare organizations to mask or redact sensitive and identifiable data located in documents. Users can choose to mask up to 15 identifiers to mask or redact the field in their data. ClearDATA Locate Mask offers two tiers of identifiers available for masking, allowing more flexibility to mask only the data you need without removing all of the value from the dataset.

ClearDATA locate mask trace interface

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The technology is for any healthcare or life sciences organization that needs to use their sensitive data.

Some identified cases include:

Machine Learning Models

Organizations are exploring use cases to create new machine learning models to help their patients and their business, but often they do not want to use their fully identifiable data set. They may need to bring in a partner or outsource the data science work, which presents a challenge when dealing with healthcare data. Locate Mask can remove the most sensitive identifiers such as name, email address, phone number, and social security number, but it can leave the more valuable data such as age, location, dates, diagnosis, and symptoms, which can help build a better model.

Development Environments

Healthcare organizations, especially healthcare product companies who have grown up in the cloud, struggle to create a safe place for their developers to work on application enhancements without having access to sensitive data. If development teams have access to the data, there are much more strict controls that must be in place. Organizations are interested in Locate Mask to mask the sensitive fields in their data and create a dataset that does not contain identifiable information, so they can open up broader access to the development team.

Data Review

Healthcare organizations often partner with other organizations to share data. Often, they would like to share the valuable parts of the data, but without all of the sensitive data (such as names, for example).  Using the Mask API to stream a dataset, they can create a policy-based process that will allow them to share their data but remove the fields they deem extremely sensitive prior to sharing it with their partner.

ClearDATA Locate® Trace

Built on ML models trained on healthcare data to detect PHI quickly and accurately, Locate Trace is an NLP technology engineered to help identify, track, and manage PHI in modern software architectures.

ClearDATA Locate Trace gives microservice based applications the ability to detect data that may be PHI without any additional configuration from developers, by running as a foundation in their Kubernetes environment. Kubernetes is a container management platform that enables organizations to develop and deploy faster, provide better scalability for the needs of their application, and make more efficient use of resources. Learn more about Kubernetes here.

Distributed Tracing allows an enterprise to trace data requests as microservice architectures, like Kubernetes, process them.​ It is used most commonly to help track requests, but there has not been a tracing tool that can determine if the traffic is PHI…until now with Locate Trace.

Detecting data that may contain PHI can open up opportunities to augment workflows that might rely on PHI. Whether you are looking for PHI information about a particular diagnosis or are looking to better understand the impact of a potential incident, you can build on top of Locate Trace to achieve the following.


Assurance for PHI Inventory Requirements

Build a stronger audit record that can help comply with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.


Evidence to Keep You Compliant

Accurately trace any PHI record to help comply with regulations such as GDPR's “Right to be Forgotten.”


Data Analysis to Help Your Organization

Gain insights from PHI inventories that can help your organization better detect fraud, discover areas for cost optimization, or improve customer service.

Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing™

Looking for a foundational understanding of what distributed tracing means for healthcare and life sciences in the public cloud? In this white paper, you'll learn about the rise of microservices in healthcare, as well as how advances in machine learning are solving the mystery of tracing PHI across microservices, such as Kubernetes.

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