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ClearDATA Assess® is a product suite that offers healthcare and life sciences organizations a portal and easy-to-use interface to analyze, visualize, and manage the remediation of security or compliance risks identified within an organization.

Designed to be a “one stop shop” for a healthcare or life sciences organization’s compliance needs, ClearDATA Assess transforms the traditional security risk assessment (SRA) service by providing customers with a software front end to make the process more efficient and manageable.

Currently, SRA projects are largely a human-driven assessment of risk for a healthcare organization, the results of which are usually handed over in several documents. ClearDATA Assess introduces software to collect and house artifacts to analyze, as well as Risk Analysis Reports and Risk Mitigation Plans that are produced as part of the assessment. Customers will be able to take advantage of an easy-to-use interface to manage remediation tasks identified.


Understand Risks Identified by SRA Team

A clear explanation of each identified risk, backed by ClearDATA’s understanding of the rule associated with the risk, will be included in the Risk Management Plan that will be visually represented within the ClearDATA Assess portal.


Manage the Remediation of Identified Tasks

Each identified risk will be visually represented on its own screen, and users can view ClearDATA’s recommendation for remediation via “Corrective Action Task” explanation. An administrator within the customer organization can further assign tasks to stakeholders within the organization and track the process of remediation.


Prove Compliance to HIPAA Regulations

An important requirement of the SRA is the ability to show that risks have been identified and a plan for remediation is actively underway. ClearDATA Assess satisfies that requirement with its Risk Mitigation Plan portal screens that can be shared with auditors should the need arise.

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