A ClearDATA C2 Compliance Dashboard Case Study

Healthvana is a cloud-based technology platform that has revolutionized the communication between healthcare providers and their patients – leading to better care and lower costs.  The company's HIPAA compliant, patient engagement solutions for providers includes electronic patient intake, electronic test results delivery with next steps, two-way communication and electronic reminders.  In three years, Healthvana has reached over 200,000 patients in 90 primary care and specialty clinics in 16 states.

The Problem

Healthvana’s mission is to improve patient health outcomes, especially for those patients living with chronic health conditions. Healthvana approaches this in two primary ways: 1) by increasing patient enablement, and 2) delivering intelligible lab results to patients faster. “At Healthvana we believe that patients with chronic conditions will have better outcomes if they are actively engaged with their healthcare. “By giving patients 24/7 access to their health data and tools to participate in their care, they become more engaged. Patients can sync information from multiple providers into one Healthvana account and have more ownership of their health planning,” said Jim Cooley, Security Officer and Senior DevOps Engineer, Healthvana. “And by accelerating the delivery of lab results to the patient we cut off several days of turnaround, which can help stop the spread of serious diseases including HIV.”

The Challenge

While Healthvana was able to build a sophisticated interface that worked with the varying EMR/EHRs across multiple providers, there was the ever-present concern of compliance in dealing with so much sensitive health data and protected health information. “We had good best practices in place,” said Cooley. “We read the white papers the public cloud provider put out and we complied with regulations to the best of our ability; but reading about how to keep your organization compliant and knowing that you are can be two very different things. Additionally, it’s not enough to be compliant – you have to be able to prove it.

The Solution

Healthvana provisioned the C2 compliance dashboard from ClearDATA on the Amazon Marketplace. C2 takes the guesswork out of translating regulatory statutes into auditable technical controls, and gives Healthvana the insight they need to assess their compliance posture relative to regulatory requirements. With support for HIPAA and GDPR, C2 can be enabled across the AWS cloud allowing Healthvana to monitor thousands of components. C2 provides them individual asset scorecards as well as full environment status checks. “C2 lets us show a culture of compliance,” said Cooley. “It demonstrates that we are making improvements over time on our path toward 100% compliance. The dashboard features graph these trends, which is very helpful for internal meetings and audits, and also in demonstrating a culture of compliance. It’s elegant, but simple and easy to use. The reports are very straightforward. This is very helpful to have as we do process changes, or updates and changes to our infrastructure.

To learn more about Healthvana’s mobile-first health platform for healthcare providers, access: https://healthvana.com/

To learn more about ClearDATA’s compliance expertise, access: https://www.cleardata.com/solutions/compliance/

To learn more about the ClearDATA C2 Dashboard available on the AWS Marketplace, access: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B0756Q26JC