We Were Named the Best Compliance Solution

by Chris Bowen
Chief Privacy & Security Officer and Founder

I’m excited to share that ClearDATA just earned the award for Best Compliance Solution in 2019 by MedTech Breakthrough. Receiving such an incredible honor as this makes me reflect on how ClearDATA came to be.

By some estimates, more than a quarter million people a year in the U.S. die of medical misdiagnosis. This is largely due to siloed data and antiquated information systems that fail to provide healthcare professionals with the view of the whole person. In some cases, technical barriers like these prevent patients from getting the care and medicine they need until a complicated process of correcting or locating missing or stolen records is resolved. In the darkest of actions, not only is malware and ransomware hitting healthcare at a higher rate than ever, now medical devices (pacemakers, kidney dialysis, etc.) are being hacked or held ransom. This must stop.

Ten years ago, I recognized a need in the healthcare industry to create a solution focused solely on protecting patient information. Many providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare product companies have embraced the same vision over the years since.

Today, we protect people, and specifically, we protect people who need access to accurate, timely, and effective healthcare. We protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their protected health information using public clouds, automated security safeguards, best-in-class security, and privacy-by-design concepts. We are laser focused on our mission to make healthcare better each and every day.

On the heels of GDPR’s one-year anniversary, the Best Compliance Solution award is a true testament of ClearDATA’s value and commitment to protecting patient data, which requires trust, integrity and control to avoid potential security breaches or data loss. ClearDATA’s mission-driven team works tirelessly to enable healthcare organizations to create a proactive defense in securing and tracking patient data with the right safeguards in place to compliment and enable healthtech innovation.

For those reasons and many more, the ClearDATA team is truly honored to receive this award.

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