Claims data in EDI format is not compatible with modern cloud technology and tools. This limits our ability to draw meaningful, predictive insights from this data, presenting a significant barrier in our efforts to accelerate the transformation to value-based care.

In this presentation, you’ll see how CareCloud’s EDIson platform has patented streaming data transformation pipelines capable of providing meaningful translation between FHIR and X12 while preserving the meaning of discrete data elements. It will review a process to efficiently and accurately transform EDI-formatted claims data into a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) format and use in machine learning algorithms, powered by services including Cloud ML Engine and Dataproc, that generate meaningful insights. It also will demonstrate the use of the Google Healthcare API algorithms to ready the FHIR-converted legacy claims for use in predictive modeling, all backed by an automated compliance platform to maintain regulatory compliance of sensitive data. Integrated with ClearDATA, a Google Premier Partner, their compliance platform secures Kubernetes and provides CICD pipeline capability to optimize utilization and provide scalability of the EDIson platform.

Matt Ferrari
Co-Founder & CTO – ClearDATA
Alen Pulido
Director of Engineering – CareCloud