2022 Healthcare Threat Landscape Review

ClearDATA’s Healthcare Threat Intel Roundup Reflects Increasingly Hostile Landscape

From all-hands-on-deck critical vulnerabilities to an abundance of zero-day exploits, this past year has underscored the need for a unified security strategy as we navigate an increasingly hostile threat landscape. With a 10.5% cost increase for healthcare data breaches over the past year, the stakes continue to rise as the challenges of remote work and the tapering effects of the COVID pandemic stretch HCO cybersecurity resources to their limits.

The relatively high value of stolen PII and PHI, combined with the inherent vulnerability to interruption of service for provider and other operational HCOs, make healthcare a tempting target for malicious threat actors.

ClearDATA is diligently engaged in protecting our healthcare clients – while aggregating, studying, and applying intelligence sourced from hundreds of healthcare organizations. Click on our 2022 Threat Intel Recap below to learn more.

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