The healthcare industry is well into the digital age, spurred on by the passing of the HITECH Act a decade ago. Yet, when it comes to the role of cloud in this transformation, healthcare has historically moved cautiously. Understanding how other verticals have benefited greatly in migrating to the cloud, the industry is now moving clinical data and applications to the cloud at a rapid pace.

In this webinar event, national expert Matt Ferrari, the Co-Founder and Former Chief Technology Officer of ClearDATA, addresses key issues in moving to the cloud, offering his insight and advice to help IT leaders and departments make the move.

Topics for this webinar include:

  • Assessing your team’s cloud security knowledge
  • Understanding data flow and the need for PHI inventories
  • Why you always need to be thinking about scale
  • The advantages to using automation and the impact if you don’t
  • Is encryption really the ‘gold standard’ for protection of ePHI?
  • The impact of Shadow IT on your organization
  • The critical role of the SRA in finding security gaps
  • Not all clouds are created equal — the need for vendor due diligence