So far in 2020, there have been over 480 security incidents and over 20 million records exposed. It is critical to ensure that your organization’s technology infrastructure and software applications are not vulnerable to cybersecurity or other malicious threats.

Healthcare organizations that manage Protected Health Information (PHI), in particular, should proactively implement processes to mitigate risks that might result in a reportable incident. For this reason, an annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is mandatory for covered entities including hospitals and healthcare organizations as well as their business associates.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What a security risk assessment (SRA) is
  • The value to your organization in getting a thorough SRA (it’s more than a good idea, it’s required by HIPAA)
  • The most common security gaps hundreds of SRAs reveal
  • What to expect from your SRA including a risk remediation plan
  • How ClearDATA Assess can help your organization make your risk remediation plan actionable and accountable
  • A live demo of ClearDATA Assess that will demonstrate how you can:
    • Create your ePHI inventory
    • View identified security and compliance risks
    • Access and act on risk remediation recommendations from ClearDATA
    • Keep auditable proof of your Security Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan