Maintaining Security and Compliance in Home Health Settings

by Matt Ferrari
Co-founder and Former CTO

There’s an interesting trend in the provider space to move from this notion of a patient having to travel to the care, to one where we now increasingly see the care being delivered directly to the patient. Inhome care and Hospital to Home programs are on the rise, and the potential benefits include shorter treatment periods, lower costs, better quality of life for the patient, to name a few. 

But this trend is not without its challenges. According to Healthcare Finance IT, the provider space already accounts for 4 out of every 5 security breaches in the healthcare space. The problem of protecting patient data is escalating to what was previously unimaginable numbers. And with the increasing move to home health, new challenges arise with texting and other unsecure communications. 

To address this challenge facing home health organizations, Synzi has created a virtual care platform in partnership with ClearDATA. ClearDATA provides additional layers of privacy, security, and compliance for Synzi’s platform on the AWS cloud. 

To learn more about the concerns home health organizations should have regarding securing patient data on the public cloud, and what Synzi is doing to make protecting patient data easier for these organizations, join me for the live webinar ClearDATA is producing with AWS and Synzi on January 29th at 3 pm EST.  

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Here’s a sneak peek of some of the topics we’ll cover: 

We’ll cover why this trend to home health and aging I place is happening… 

And we’ll offer up some solid solutions to help your organization address the four I’s: 

  • Independence 
  • Integrated care 
  • Individualized support
  • Increased accessibility  

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