Test & Dev for Managed Health Cloud

To truly innovate in your healthcare cloud, you need the ability to test and experiment. How can you do that in a production-only environment with no room for error?


Experiment In a Dedicated Space

Managed Health Cloud for Test and Dev is an exclusive service designed to provide a dedicated space for testing, experimentation, and development. Now, you can ensure the compatibility of our remediations with your systems before pushing sweeping changes to your production environment.


Key Features

Enhanced Testing Capabilities
With ClearDATA Test and Dev, you gain a separate space to comprehensively test your systems and any changes. You can identify potential conflicts, anticipate performance issues, and resolve conflicts prior to the launch, ensuring seamless integration with our safeguards.

Lower Pricing than Production Environments
As an existing customer with other workloads, you can take advantage of our special pricing for Test and Dev. We believe in providing cost-effective solutions to support your testing and development needs while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) and Resale Options
Our Test and Dev solution allows you to choose between BYOC and resale options. For Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, you have the flexibility to bring your own cloud environment or resale. For GCP, we offer a resale option, ensuring compatibility with your preferred cloud provider.


Mitigate Uncertainty
By utilizing Managed Health Cloud for Test and Dev, you can address the uncertainty surrounding the interaction between our remediations and your systems. Test your changes thoroughly in a dedicated environment, ensuring a seamless integration into your production environment without unforeseen conflicts.

Improved Testing Efficiency
Avoid the limitations of testing within your production environment. With a separate testing environment, you can conduct comprehensive testing, perform experimentation, and ensure your systems are adequately prepared for deployment.

Seamless Compatibility
Develop test and development environments compatible with ClearDATA safeguards and remediations. This allows you to align your testing procedures with our industry-leading security and compliance measures, ensuring a harmonious integration.

See how you can innovate freely in your healthcare cloud with ClearDATA’s Test & Dev.

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