Summer Launch 2022

On July 13, 2022, ClearDATA launched a series of enhancements to further protect cloud use for the over 240 healthcare customers that we support. The Summer ’22 Launch includes several product enhancements intended to accelerate the secure adoption of cloud computing where PHI is involved.  

Some of those enhancements include: 

  • Amazon EC2 Safeguards – Automated Safeguards provide guard rails around public cloud use that allow healthcare organizations to use native public cloud tooling within their environment while keeping them compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2 and other regulations. This may help mitigate compliance staffing risks.  
  • This past year, we made updates to allow more instances to be included in the CyberHealth portal. With this release, periodic polling has been added to discover instances regardless of creation, modification, or deletion events. Additionally, customer instances that are deployed using non-ClearDATA images will now be shown in the portal and included in compliance scoring. 
  • Compliance Reference Architectures (CRA’s) – CRA’s are reference architectures that provide provisioning, instantiation, and configuration guidelines. CRAs provide our customers everything they need to spin up a cloud service securely and with peace of mind that you are audit ready. ClearDATA creates CRA’s based on customer demand, enabling them to use new AWS services compliantly and accelerating their innovation. 

In this release, we added an additional four AWS CRA’s, along with one for Azure and three for GCP*: AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Site to Site VPN, AWS App Mesh, AWS Client VPN, Azure Database for MariaDB, GCP Dialogflow CX, GCP Dialogflow ES, GCP Document AI and updated Azure Machine Learning Service, GCP Cloud Dataflow. *Note: Above links to ClearDATA CyberHealth platform locations and tooling will only function for those with ClearDATA portal access.

  • Updated hardened images – Hardening is the process of limiting potential weaknesses that make systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks. At ClearDATA, we build our hardened images to CIS benchmarks and interpret their guidelines to address vulnerabilities when detected. We ensure our customer infrastructures are always current and secure – as new operating systems are released they are automatically hardened within ClearDATA CyberHealth platform.

  • AWS marketplace offers – If your organization is planning to use AWS cloud services and you would like to engage with ClearDATA from within your company account, we have good news for you. ClearDATA has recently made several software and professional services public listings available on the AWS marketplace. These include: 
  1. ClearDATA Managed Cloud 
  2. ClearDATA Security Risk Assessment 
  3. ClearDATA Managed Health Cloud with CyberHealth Platform 
  4. ClearDATA Professional Services 

ClearDATA continues to lead as healthcare’s largest managed cloud and defense provider.  This is why organizations like Cleveland Clinic turn to ClearDATA and our relationship with AWS to ensure PHI security and compliance. When the Cleveland Clinic came to ClearDATA with a demanding list of security, privacy, and compliance requirements for their [MSPT] application, ClearDATA was able to map AWS services to those requirements and deploy a solution that met their needs. 

Stay tuned for more developments and launches from ClearDATA every quarter! 

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