Interoperability is one of the biggest health IT challenges today. True interoperability is critical to real healthcare transformation. Challenges and considerations include:

  • A single provider can be “interoperable” within its own enterprise, but not outside its own four walls.
  • There is a legacy mindset that isolated data is secure data.
  • Extensive interoperability is critical to today’s value-based reimbursement models.
  • It’s not about success or failure of a single provider. It’s about the success or failure of the entire system.

The cloud has a vital role in optimizing data interoperability in healthcare. Healthcare cloud computing can deliver real-time, secure access to virtually any format using highly elastic compute, bandwidth and storage capacities.

Download Where Healthcare Interoperability Intersects With The Cloud to gain insight into the role secure healthcare cloud computing can play in optimizing interoperability – both inside and outside of your enterprise.