Cloud computing has been widely adopted by companies across the globe, however, within the healthcare industry adoption rates have been low. Healthcare CIOs and other senior HIT leaders are tasked with securing and protecting patient data, complying with HIPAA regulations, and leveraging technology innovations to reduce costs and improve performance. The outcome is a risk averse technology culture that rewards the status-quo and slows the rate of progress.

Best Practices in Healthcare Cloud Computing is your roadmap to leveraging all the benefits of cloud computing while ensuring the highest standards in HIPAA compliance and data security. You’ll learn:

  • Why cloud technology is even more secure against data breaches and losses than your current technology
  • How to reduce your capital expenditures, staffing, and maintenance costs
  • Which data and applications are best suited for cloud computing
  • Important criteria to consider when selecting a cloud computing provider
  • Much more…

Use this information to determine whether cloud computing is a good fit for your healthcare organization’s needs.