How Cyber Threat Intelligence Can Protect Your Network

A recent study found that only about 60% of provider organizations report implementing the most basic preventative measures for cybersecurity threats – like multi-factor authentication and data backups. John Whetstone, Vice President of Cybersecurity Services at ClearDATA, explores why today’s modern threat landscape requires a more sophisticated strategy – specifically one integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence should be an indispensable part of every CISO’s cybersecurity program both to inform strategic decisions and tactical approaches to imminent threats.
  • CTI should inform decisions in long-range defense mechanisms and investments. However, its imminent value comes in the form of intel on current bad actors, their approach and tactics – intel that can be utilized to thwart immediate risks inside your cloud environment.
  • There are low-investment, straightforward ways to kick off a cyber threat intelligence program without getting ahead of your skis. We will share some of the easier ways to get started while you grow a program that makes sense for your organization and its level of risk.