New solution aggregates medical records for patients – tackling access and interoperability mandates associated with the Cures Act.

AUSTIN, Texas (Mar. 23, 2021)ClearDATA®, the leader in healthcare public cloud security, compliance and privacy, today announced an engagement with Saina Health to easily track, manage and share complete patient health records with the launch of InstaHealth™ for consumers. ClearDATA will secure Saina Health’s data management platform, which aggregates patient health records from multiple providers and provides a single pane of glass through which both patients and providers can get a holistic, accurate view of their medical history – reducing medical errors and improving patient outcomes.

To date, patient information has been siloed across health systems, insurance organizations and other providers, preventing patients from accessing their complete health information. This has the potential to create catastrophic blind spots in a person’s health record – with unintended consequences of medical errors and ineffective or dangerous patient care. Now Saina’s InstaHealth platform – secured in the cloud by the ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™ – facilitates instant aggregation and visibility of over 80 percent of medical records in the US while fortifying them with best-in-class standards for privacy, security and compliance.

“Both patient care and patient outcomes have suffered as the result of a fractured healthcare industry. Lack of access to complete records and data breaches continue to cripple the industry, digitizing healthcare becomes a daunting task,” said Jason Bernard Jr, Co-Founder & Chief Partnership & Strategy Officer of Saina Health. “Because of ClearDATA’s unique combination of expertise and solutions in security, compliance and cloud, we can leverage emerging technologies such as AI to facilitate a holistic and accurate view of a complete patient history, mitigate the tremendous issue of medical errors in this country, and advance the digital healthcare experience for both patients and physicians – securely and compliant, with individual privacy central to our endeavor.”

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates secure patient access to their electronic health information in 2021, leaving healthcare organizations challenged to achieve that with their own technical resources. Seventy-nine percent of payers said they would engage vendors to help meet those deadlines, according to a survey by eHealth Initiative. In partnership with ClearDATA’s comprehensive security and compliance solution, Saina Health is able to leverage Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) public cloud to automate and scale InstaHealth to meet the industry’s interoperability and patient access requirements to provide access to family and health records at the patient’s fingertips.

“By putting compliance and security at the core of that innovation, Saina Health has positioned itself as a leader in improving access to sensitive health data without compromising patient data – with a potentially positive impact to patient care and saving lives otherwise lost to medical errors,” said Darin Brannan, CEO at ClearDATA. “The need to implement comprehensive security and compliance solutions that satisfy complex healthcare regulations are top concerns across the healthcare industry as it marches toward improved interoperability.”

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