New platform and website brand reflects the company’s evolution as the leader of healthcare cloud privacy and security as it operationalizes digital health and accelerates innovation

AUSTIN, Texas (December 21, 2021)ClearDATA®, the leading healthcare cloud, security and compliance provider today announced the launch of its CyberHealth™ Platform , featured on its all-new public website in conjunction with an updated visual identity. Healthcare digitization and the movement of PHI data to the cloud continues to accelerate, even as healthcare data remains the most targeted, most valuable, most vulnerable, and most costly data across all industries. Seventy-eight percent of recently reported breaches were targeted at healthcare, representing a 37 percent rise in attacks on the industry last year alone. That trend culminated recently in a new weekly peak of 626 average attacks per healthcare organization. This level of cybercrime complexity and growth leaves healthcare providers, payers, life sciences and technology companies in need of new industry-specific experts and solutions that protect data while accelerating their innovation. The CyberHealth Platform underscores the organization’s clear affirmation to provide the critical framework that protects and enables healthcare’s IT modernization and adoption of the public cloud.

The platform is a unique, purpose-built, healthcare-specific software and services solution, powered by the industry’s only healthcare Policy-as-Code™ (PaC) Engine. That engine interprets hundreds of compliance frameworks into actionable technical controls, yielding always-on, automated enforcement and remediation across a multi-cloud ecosystem on all three public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“The epicenter of the CyberHealth platform is our Policy-as-Code Engine,” said Sanjay Cherian, Chief Strategy Officer at ClearDATA. “Our intimacy with healthcare privacy, security and compliance standards has enabled us to translate policy and other key healthcare risk elements into hundreds of technical controls and reference architectures – so customers can operationalize their programs and avoid complex and critical security and compliance gaps and drifts that can quickly open the cybercrime door to the over 600 weekly attacks on healthcare organizations.”

The platform offers additional proprietary and technology differentiators. This includes the ClearDATA Healthcare Threat Risk Index, an algorithmic approach to risk level determination of security and compliance risk prioritization as well as related protection and remediation investments. Another feature is ClearDATA’s Threat Intelligence Protection & Prediction Defense Model, which processes healthcare threat and security-event telemetry data using AI/ML-based modeling. The CyberHealth Platform, which also enables ClearDATA’s leading managed public cloud and security services, allows healthcare organizations to protect and scale their sensitive healthcare data, applications and devices.

“Over the past year, ClearDATA has partnered with the healthcare industry to anticipate the rapidly evolving needs of our customers and advancements in the healthcare space. Today’s enhanced branding of our platform and visual identity illustrates ClearDATA’s continued leadership of healthcare’s digital and security transformation,” said Darin Brannan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ClearDATA. “Our continued passion for healthcare innovation is fueled by our commitment to modernize, protect and improve patient care, our mission is to make healthcare work better – every single day.

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