Chris Bowen, CISO and founder of ClearDATA, offers provider CISOs and CIOs advice in a wide-ranging interview with Healthcare IT News.

Healthcare chief information security officers and chief information officers have a lot on their plates when it comes to protecting the data and systems that are the lifeblood of provider organizations.

Looking to offer CISOs and CIOs help on a number of fronts, Healthcare IT News sat down with health data security expert Chris Bowen to discuss four subjects:

  • The most recent and ongoing updates to the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement, or TEFCA.
  • Impacts of the Log4j vulnerability on the healthcare industry and patient privacy.
  • Strained health systems battling cybersecurity threats with limited budgets.
  • The challenges of securing data in the cloud.

Bowen, CISO and founder of ClearDATA, a healthcare cloud security company, goes into detail on all four subjects to shine a light on answers to these healthcare security problems.

Read the full interview at Healthcare IT News.