Originally published July 24, 2018 by Jessica Kim Cohen  at beckershospitalreview.com

Google Cloud and ClearDATA, a healthcare cloud provider, teamed up to bring cybersecurity and compliance tools to IT developers in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

The new partnership, announced July 23, brings ClearDATA’s healthcare compliance services to the Google Cloud platform. ClearDATA customers can now apply the company’s automated safeguards — including storage volume encryption and intrusion prevention services — while working in Google Cloud rather than building these settings themselves.

By connecting pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare developers with a secure environment to access Google Cloud’s analytics and machine learning tools, the companies aim to help scale health IT infrastructure and accelerate healthcare innovation.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud gives those wanting to innovate on Google Cloud platform the chance to do so in a secure and compliant environment without fear of compromising sensitive health data, ultimately increasing their opportunities to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes,” said Darin Brannan, CEO of ClearDATA.