EmVenio doubles minority participation in clinical trials with geographic and cultural accessibility solution protected by the ClearDATA Managed Health Cloud

AUSTIN, Texas (March 30, 2023) — ClearDATA®, the first and most comprehensive provider of healthcare-specific managed cloud, compliance and defense services, today announced they have been engaged by EmVenio Research, the company providing rapid and scalable mobile community research site solutions to better reach underserved and high-risk communities, to continue to build trust and confidence amongst its patients. 

Today, diverse populations are frequently underrepresented in clinical trials and medical research across the globe. EmVenio provides an innovative solution for delivering trials to those communities – expanding access to the most advanced treatments and technologies for chronic and critical illness and ensuring that statistical analysis reflects the full spectrum of public diversity. The organization’s approach focuses on localizing clinical trials by establishing sustainable mobile research sites in densely populated urban areas, suburban neighborhoods and rural regions, as well as local staffing models that reflect local cultural and linguistic characteristics. Through its Community Research Sites and Home and Virtual Visit offerings, EmVenio has doubled the number of minority participants it enrolls in clinical trials compared to the industry average.

Bill Swavely, Chief Information Officer at EmVenio, engaged ClearDATA to ensure his organization was able to secure sensitive patient data and analytics stores, while managing the evolving complexities associated with compliance standards and requirements.      

“EmVenio Research is committed to removing barriers and empowering underrepresented patients,” said Swavely. “Our partnership with ClearDATA is imperative to this commitment, as it increases trust with our patients and trial participants, without needing to question how or if their data is being protected. We can bring clinical trials to even the most remote locations, with the highest confidence of data privacy and compliance. This wouldn’t be possible without ClearDATA—especially as we continue to expand to global markets.”

“EmVenio’s solution is a perfect example of how the modernization of healthcare can apply new technologies to inherited societal challenges and finally drive progress. Their advocacy demonstrates that the healthcare cloud can chip away at institutional inequities while also collecting critical medical data to improve patient outcomes at the macro level. We are so proud to secure and contribute to their worthy mission,” said Rick Froehlich, ClearDATA CEO.      

To learn more about ClearDATA’s partnership with EmVenio Research, visit the ClearDATA case studies.

About EmVenio Research

EmVenio Research provides rapid and scalable mobile community research site solutions to better reach diverse, underserved and high-risk communities. EmVenio Research’s global network of skilled clinicians, principal investigators and state-of-the-art mobile community research sites enable us to provide robust clinical research services via mobile sites, home visits, on-site support at medical facilities, and virtual visits. Visit emvenio.com to learn more.

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ClearDATA is the first comprehensive provider of healthcare-specific managed cloud, compliance and defense services, enabled by the powerful CyberHealth™ Platform. ClearDATA’s solutions enforce continuous cloud compliance, defend health innovation with healthcare-centric threat intelligence and security technology, and protect health data across all cloud environments from design time through run time. To learn more about how ClearDATA helps market-leading organizations modernize and protect healthcare with secure, highly accessible data in the cloud, visit cleardata.com.


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