Institute for Health Technology Transformation Health IT Summit, Beverly Hills, Calif., Nov. 5

To make the best clinical decisions, providers need rapid access to relevant patient healthcare information. The challenge is navigating complex burdensome systems to retrieve that information. To overcome this communication gap, healthcare technology leaders are tasked with finding innovative new ways to integrate and securely share patient information across multiple applications, databases, and platforms. Then they must simplify the methods by which providers access that information while still maintaining the highest standards in HIPAA compliance.

Panel Discussion Moderated by: Chris Bowen, Chief Privacy Officer, ClearDATA


  • Gregory Grant, M.D., Chairman of Surgery, Phoenix St. Luke’s Hospital and Medical Center
  • Brian Hess, M.D., Facility Medical Director, Phoenix Baptist Medical Center, Emergency Department


INTERVIEW Chris Bowen, Chief Privacy Officer, ClearDATA

OPPTY        Interviews can be arranged before, during or after the conference.      

DATES:        November 4-5, 2014

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