With the massive expansion of healthcare data due to electronic medical records, healthcare providers are learning that managing that data on-premise is becoming more and more difficult. That’s where the cloud comes in. It makes access to multiple and various types of data easier and faster, which is great for the patient. But…is it the right platform for HIPAA-regulated data? How can you be sure that PHI data is not at risk for cyber-criminals to grab at a moment’s notice?

The team at ClearDATA is actively solving that very problem, making sure that healthcare providers can focus on what they do best: saving and extending lives. With a mission to “Make Healthcare Better Every Single Day”, ClearDATA offers an ever-expanding set of offerings designed to modernize and protect healthcare data. With HITRUST certified, HIPAA compliant dashboards and advanced security risk assessments, the Austin-based healthcare technology company is leading the way in secure, compliant healthcare cloud applications and services.

And…it looks like the industry agrees:

The latest in a string of awards, ClearDATA has been named a Cloud Disruptor by Business Intelligence Group for it’s unique approach to healthcare cloud compliance and security issues.

“With the cloud being so prominent today, it is imperative that we recognize those who are enhancing our everyday lives with supporting technologies. The Stratus Awards pay tribute to innovative companies and individuals, bringing unique cloud-based services to the marketplace. There are a variety of categories and awards that highlight the impressive accomplishments of organizations and individuals around the world.” – Business Intelligence Group.