AUSTIN, Texas (July 15, 2021) — ClearDATA®, healthcare’s trusted partner to protect sensitive patient data in the cloud, announced support for the AWS for Health initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the industry’s digital transformation – securely and compliantly. Healthcare and life sciences organizations can now easily harness the power of advanced AWS cloud services, leveraging ClearDATA to operationalize their privacy and security measures to speed their applications’ deployment.

AWS for Health is an initiative featuring services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners, built specifically for healthcare, biopharma, and genomics customers. The initiative makes it easier for health customers to select the right tools and partners for their highest-priority workloads across the health community. For customers looking to accelerate deployments with solution-specific support, AWS for Health also identifies dedicated AWS health industry specialists, AWS Professional Services teams, and leading AWS Partners in each solution area.

Companies across the healthcare landscape – from digital health to providers, payers, and life sciences – have long struggled to balance the critical need to modernize their IT infrastructure and develop contemporary cloud-based solutions with inherent ethical and legal obligations to protect patient privacy and data integrity. By engaging ClearDATA, healthcare companies are able to operationalize their privacy and security practices, leveraging automated controls and remediation, along with sophisticated threat intelligence and services for quick deployment and management of a continuously compliant IT infrastructure.

ClearDATA’s HITRUST-certified Healthcare Privacy and Security Management Platform and services were designed specifically to accelerate healthcare’s deployment of modern cloud initiatives and applications and to configure AWS HIPAA Eligible Services to securely handle Protected Health Information (PHI) and other sensitive data. The solution accomplishes this by giving developers direct access to AWS while ClearDATA’s technology and services enforce technical controls to align with privacy regulations, and proactively shield from the recent onslaught of attacks against the healthcare industry.

ClearDATA’s integrated privacy and security controls enable healthcare organizations to reduce their time to market, getting their applications up and running quickly within the cloud, beginning at design and extending throughout runtime.

“As healthcare digitally transforms, many companies are challenged to balance speed and agility with mitigating risk and managing security threats in today’s high stakes cybersecurity environment,” said Sanjay Cherian, Chief Strategy Officer at ClearDATA. “ClearDATA has long been a premier AWS partner, committed to giving healthcare organizations the ability to quickly launch revolutionary therapies, diagnostics and tools without compromising valuable patient data.”

“We wanted to automate compliance, so we wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and money building our own compliance solutions,” says Paul O’Farrell, Chief Strategy Officer at Machinify. “ClearDATA makes it easy to use the same AWS services we’re familiar with, but inside a HIPAA- and HITRUST-compliant environment.”

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