Integrated features help global healthcare companies meet and maintain regulatory compliance.

AUSTIN, TX (May 23, 2018) ClearDATA, the world’s leading security and compliance managed services provider for healthcare organizations in the public cloud, today announced new features for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. The dashboard functionality and reporting capabilities ensure its clients have a constant view into their compliance with the European Union’s GDPR, which is set to go into effect May 25.

“Because of ClearDATA’s healthcare-exclusive focus on security and compliance in the cloud, we are prepared for GDPR and can assist our customers in achieving and maintaining compliance – just as we have been doing all along with HIPAA regulations,” said ClearDATA’s Founder and Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Chris Bowen, CISSP, CCSP, CIPP/US, CIPT. “We have interpreted the articles of GDPR and created a view of compliance for them in our dashboard, so customers impacted by GDPR can quickly confirm that their public cloud solutions comply.”

Over the last 12 months, IT and compliance professionals inside U.S. healthcare companies have been increasingly alarmed by the impact of GDPR’s reach that can even apply to healthcare organizations based in the U.S. ClearDATA has alerted its customers to take measures to adopt the new GDPR compliance features if any one of the following four conditions apply:

  1. An organization processes personal data of EU individuals.
  2. An organization is established in the EU.
  3. An organization is established outside the EU and processes data for goods and services offered in the EU.
  4. An organization monitors the behavior of EU individuals.

Non-compliance with GDPR should not to be taken lightly. Infractions can cost the non-compliant organization up to four percent of their gross global annual income or €20 million, whichever is greater. However, Bowen says the new regulations are not something that must be feared.

“ClearDATA customers can turn on GDPR mapping in their existing compliance dashboard, just as they have been using a similar feature for HIPAA and GxP security and compliance monitoring. Once they do, they will have continuously-updated, 24/7, auditable, data-driven visualizations that demonstrate whether they are remaining compliant across GDPR’s technical requirements. Additionally, ClearDATA is adept at providing data locality planning and mapping for those whose work traverses EU member state borders. Those who are not yet customers of the secure ClearDATA managed cloud have all of the responsibility of collecting massive amounts of auditable data to provide evidence of compliance, which comes readily available within the ClearDATA compliance dashboard,” says Bowen.

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