Attendees get a first look at the upcoming Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing solution by ClearDATA that enhances the visibility of Protected Health Information (PHI) to build a secure data inventory that keeps organizations compliant. 

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 12, 2019)ClearDATA®, a leading healthcare cloud, security and compliance expert, today announced its Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing solution to effectively bolster the visibility and detection of protected health information (PHI), whether in transit or at rest, for healthcare organizations. Leveraging machine learning technology, the new service makes it easier for healthcare professionals, researchers and organizations to observe sensitive data in transit through microservices including containers, allowing for better privacy, protection against identity fraud, improved accuracy of claims processing, and consistent compliance with frameworks such as HIPAA and GDPR which require PHI inventories.

“As data volumes grow and systems become increasingly complex, we have to find new technologies to meet our fundamental obligations to protect sensitive patient data,” said Adam Greenfield, ClearDATA’s Vice President of Architecture. “For the first time this solution provides us with visibility in to the massive amount of encrypted data flowing between microservices in complicated healthcare workloads. ClearDATA continues to invest in finding state of the art methods to empower customers to ensure compliance and security while removing friction for application teams delivering their value to the organization. Additionally, this solution builds a path to address new and emerging compliance requirements like GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.”

Using the Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing solution, ClearDATA builds upon its strong culture of Privacy by Design and Defense in Depth by enabling:

  • The adoption of more innovative technology to build new apps while managing multinational regulatory frameworks, thus modernizing the healthcare industry.
  • Assurance for PHI inventory requirements with insight on patient records during each stage of the application while creating a reliable and continually updated inventory; and
  • Allowing deeper analytics to gain insights that combine to better detect fraud, discover areas for cost optimization or improve customer service.

“With Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing, we provide healthcare organizations with even more insight and relevant data at their fingertips as well as far greater confidence to keep sensitive healthcare data safe and compliant while they continue to innovate.” continued Greenfield.

Attendees are invited to see an exclusive preview of ClearDATA’s Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing during HIMSS 2019 in Orlando, Florida from February 11-15 in booth #649. Additionally, Greenfield will further discuss the solution and how it leverages Amazon Comprehend Medical on Tuesday, February 12, at AWS booth #5058 from 3:30-4 p.m. ET. To schedule a media interview, please contact our media representative ( To learn more about how ClearDATA is making healthcare better every single day, visit

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