Phoenix, Ariz. (July 20, 2016) – ClearDATA, a leading healthcare cloud platform and managed services company, has achieved AWS Healthcare Competency, a credential reserved for companies that pass a stringent healthcare competency audit. AWS introduced the AWS Partner Network (APN) Healthcare Competency in April 2015 to highlight partners with demonstrated success in building solutions for healthcare payers and providers that can securely store, process, transmit and analyze clinical information.

“The achievement affirms our leadership in healthcare security, compliance and managed services, while our collaboration with AWS enables healthcare organizations to quickly deploy services and apps in a healthcare-fortified AWS environment,” said Darin Brannan, CEO of ClearDATA.

Brannan added, “This essentially brings the best of both worlds: the scalable, flexible environment of a public cloud coupled with ClearDATA’s unrivaled Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for healthcare-managed clouds. From a healthcare IT perspective, there’s really no limit to what organizations can do in such an environment.”

Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the public cloud as a viable technology choice. However, a sizable segment continues to worry about migration to the cloud, the performance of the cloud itself, as well as legal, security and compliance concerns. ClearDATA’s Dynamic PHI Cloud Platform for AWS combines ClearDATA’s healthcare-exclusive approach to information security, HIPAA compliance, infrastructure automation and interoperability with the immense scale, security and innovation of AWS.

With the ClearDATA Dynamic PHI Cloud Platform for AWS, organizations can take full advantage of AWS Cloud infrastructure and application services, and reap unprecedented benefits, including:

  • New agility and speed to technology initiatives
  • Enablement of even the largest data sets and analytics workloads
  • Direct access to APIs for developers and existing cloud applications on AWS
  • Backed by the industry’s strongest Business Associates Agreement

These and other benefits equip organizations with a fully managed, usage-based environment that supports testing and development, neutral collaborative care projects and applications, and large-scale analytic workloads.

In a traditional IT infrastructure, scaling typically requires procuring new hardware and capital. In a high performance cloud environment users can scale on demand, much like a utility where resources only run when needed.

To learn how ClearDATA and AWS help Cleveland Clinic improve patient and community engagement, view its Healthy Brain Initiative video.