As HCIT modernizes medical care delivery, ClearDATA provides financial incentives and marketing support to boost HCIT market penetration

AUSTIN, Texas (March 22, 2022)ClearDATA®, healthcare’s largest managed cloud and security provider, today announced the launch of the HealthTech Acceleration Program, a new suite of incentives for Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) organizations designed to speed their time to market, boost ROI—faster—and decrease barriers to scale. Providing participants with financial and services incentives and marketing support, as well as programmatic support in the form of HITRUST inheritance; the HealthTech Acceleration Program is hastening growth in the booming HCIT market and improving outcomes for an exponential number of patients.

As value-based care transforms the healthcare landscape—putting greater focus than ever before on quality care, patient satisfaction and lowered costs—HCIT products and services have become a vital tool for delivering the most effective medical care. However, health care specific regulatory and security concerns associated with Public Cloud adoption can slow innovation. That’s why ClearDATA launched the HealthTech Acceleration Program, to increase market penetration of HCIT solutions and help deliver life-changing, life-saving health technologies to patients across the globe.

“HCIT is rapidly modernizing healthcare’s delivery, which is a central tenet of our mission at ClearDATA—to make healthcare work better, every single day,” said Darin Brannan, CEO and co-founder of ClearDATA. “Our partnership with the HCIT industry enables us to facilitate their speed to market, so they can get impactful technologies like remote symptom monitoring, telehealth, at-home testing for COVID and other conditions, on-the-scene testing for traumatic brain injuries, and more into the hands of providers—helping them improve outcomes and save lives.”

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, a lack of speed spells failure for HCIT organizations. On the other hand, accelerated time to market means dramatically improved ROI and revenues. That’s exactly the goal of the Health Tech Fast Start program. Features and benefits of the program include:

  • Financial incentives: Aggressive pre-approved pricing designed for scale; deep discounts on cloud set-up fees to decrease start-up costs; two months free managed cloud services; and cloud optimization services to ensure ongoing cost efficiencies.
    Marketing support: Amplified marketing to healthcare customers with templated deliverables that enhance perceived attention / commitment to the customers’ security and compliance to protect PHI.
  • HITRUST inheritance: Partially or fully inherited scores from ClearDATA’s HITRUST assessment to streamline HITRUST certification.
  • Increased revenues: Current customers see close to a 7X return on ClearDATA fees within one calendar year. By using this program, they’re able to improve upon that number—potentially dramatically.

Cleerly Health Chief Technology Officer Nick Nieslanik has seen first-hand the value of engaging ClearDATA to design and implement his health tech security and compliance programs. “I’ve been partnering with ClearDATA for years and across multiple organizations,” he said. “Their compliance and security hardening frameworks on AWS have been invaluable in our ability to quickly meet Healthcare IT security demands of market segments.  Knowing that ClearDATA is HITRUST-certified with inheritance capability also accelerated my team’s ability to certify and also helped us to message to clients and patients that their data was safe and secure.”

Cleerly Health harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Kineses Firehose for streaming data and AWS DynamoDB for database management, among other AWS services.

To learn more about the Health Tech Acceleration Program, now accepting participants, visit

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