Enhanced solution supports healthcare organizations with a mature footprint in the cloud to efficiently protect and secure sensitive data.

AUSTIN, Texas (Aug. 4, 2021)ClearDATA®, the leader in operationalizing healthcare privacy and security, has expanded its Healthcare Privacy and Security Management Platform to include customization of the tool’s proprietary automated safeguards. This evolution provides healthcare organizations with a mature cloud approach the ability to integrate their existing cloud infrastructure and ClearDATA’s automated technical controls for a bespoke compliance approach.

“No matter where our customers are on their cloud journey, ClearDATA adds a critical layer of compliance enabling their secure infrastructure,” explained Suhas Kelkar, Chief Product Officer at ClearDATA. “The new customization feature allows healthcare organizations to efficiently integrate ClearDATA’s healthcare privacy and security tooling into their existing cloud environment, attuned to their organization’s unique development needs and IT infrastructure.”

Healthcare’s pandemic-driven cloud adoption continues to accelerate to meet virtual care demands and improve interoperability. Many organizations find themselves implementing a multi-faceted cloud strategy as they update antiquated systems and legacy technologies. ClearDATA’s new customization feature supports this maturing approach with the requisite customization; meeting diverse organizations where they are in their digital transformations. In the face of ever rising cyberattacks, holistic compliance strategies that integrate automated enforcement of security best practices and remediation of weaknesses are more critical than ever to protect both patient and industry data.

The ClearDATA Healthcare Privacy and Security Management platform offers a multi-cloud solution available on all major public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – designed to meet, monitor and manage privacy and compliance obligations in the cloud throughout the lifecycle of an application. ClearDATA automated safeguards evaluate and configure hundreds of  controls across commonly used cloud services that process, transmit or store sensitive patient data (PHI/PII).

ClearDATA’s sophisticated SaaS platform, in combination with Managed Defense and Cloud Operations Services, delivers a cloud ecosystem that prevents, detects and remediates compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps through software and services which meet HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks. The unique formula of healthcare-specific IP and expertise enables us to automate and enforce continuous cloud security and healthcare compliance.


About ClearDATA

Healthcare professionals across the globe trust the ClearDATA HITRUST-certified cloud to safeguard their sensitive data and power their critical applications available across the major public cloud platforms. Healthcare organization customers receive one of the most comprehensive Business Associate Agreements (BAA) in the industry, combined with market-leading healthcare-exclusive security and compliance solutions and multi-cloud expertise. ClearDATA’s innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves data management and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling them to focus on improving healthcare delivery, every single day. For more information, visit ClearDATA at www.cleardata.com.