Leading healthcare companies recognized for excellence in protecting health information on Microsoft Azure cloud

AUSTIN, Texas (May 19, 2020)ClearDATA®, the leader in healthcare public cloud security, compliance and privacy, and BehaVR, the leader in using virtual reality (VR) to create medical extended reality experiences for behavioral health, today announced they have been named recipients of Microsoft Corp.’s 2020 Health Innovation Awards.

The awards recognize health organizations and their technology solution partners for using Microsoft’s technology solutions in innovative ways that help enable personalized care, empower care teams, improve operational outcomes, protect health information, and ultimately reimagine healthcare. The 2020 winners are impacting the industry by creating breakthrough solutions that empower health and life sciences organizations, while meeting global, local and industry-specific compliance and security standards.

The companies were selected for their collaboration on the Microsoft Azure cloud with patient data security and privacy managed by ClearDATA in a time when the use of VR in healthcare applications is rapidly growing. This enabled BehaVR to create dynamic, personalized patient care experiences, leveraging the power of VR to improve behavioral health. BehaVR’s VR experiences are not static content on a headset and therefore require a deliberate and continuous focus on management of back-end cloud services, analytics, EMR connectivity, security and interoperability—engineered to make these innovative solutions private, secure and resilient.

While BehaVR was already adept with cloud computing, machine learning and analytics, the in-house management of compliance and security was slow, painful and not an economically viable model. ClearDATA Comply™, the company’s flagship SaaS risk management solution, automatically configures BehaVR’s Azure environment to meet healthcare compliance requirements. It provided immediate visual confirmation that BehaVR’s application was secure and protected facilitating the processing, transmission, and storage of sensitive data and patient health information.

“At ClearDATA, we take pride in providing a secure and compliant foundation upon which healthcare and life sciences organizations innovate within the public clouds,” said Darin Brannan, Chief Executive Officer at ClearDATA. “Whether their mission includes developing a new vaccine or leveraging cutting edge technology like virtual reality for specialized patient care, the security of sensitive patient data is certainly one of the most complex and critical issues healthcare organizations face today. It’s an honor to see our progress alongside BehaVR be recognized by Microsoft – not only for its innovative thinking but as a cloud we serve to protect.”

BehaVR’s Dynamic eXperience Engine [dXe] enables VR sessions to be personalized from the cloud. This novel architecture enables full clinician visibility into patient progress, integration with other clinical systems and EMRs, and telehealth scenarios — a rapidly growing sector of an evolving post-COVID healthcare infrastructure.

“With patient privacy managed by ClearDATA, BehaVR can focus on emerging technologies—such as machine learning—to create dynamic and personalized VR experiences that make a difference in behavioral health,” said Aaron Gani, Founder and CEO of BehaVR. “If the front end (VR) is considered the heart to drive change in patient care, the back end (the cloud infrastructure, secured by ClearDATA) is the brain driving the experience. We could not do one without the other.”

“During this both challenging and transformational time in the healthcare industry, organizations are using technology to profoundly impact how they deliver care, evolve business operations, and help people,” said Patty Obermaier, Microsoft Vice President of U.S. Health and Life Sciences. “This year’s Microsoft Health Innovation Award recipients are advancing the goals of improved patient engagement and care coordination through their innovative use of Microsoft devices, platforms and cloud and AI services.”

Nominations were submitted by health providers, payers, pharmaceutical and life science organizations, and public and private health institutions across the world for applying Microsoft technology to create transformative and highly-effective innovations. An esteemed panel of industry experts selected this year’s winners based on how their innovations represented a forward-thinking development or implementation of a solution that is delivering groundbreaking results and producing better health outcomes for more people. Recipients will be highlighted on the Microsoft in Health blog at www.Microsoft.com/Health.

BehaVR’s work with ClearDATA and Microsoft is paving the future of patient care and demonstrating the need to build secure and holistic cloud environments.

About ClearDATA

Healthcare professionals across the globe trust the ClearDATA HITRUST-certified cloud to safeguard their sensitive data and power their critical applications available across the major public cloud platforms. Healthcare organization customers receive market-leading healthcare-exclusive security and compliance solutions and multi-cloud expertise. ClearDATA’s innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves data management and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling them to focus on improving healthcare delivery, every single day. For more information, visit ClearDATA at www.cleardata.com.

About BehaVR

BehaVR, LLC utilizes the neurological and psychological power of virtual reality to create experiences for behavioral health that span both general wellness products and digital therapeutics. Our extended reality experiences currently include programs for chronic pain management, addiction recovery augmentation and stress management. For more information, visit BehaVR at  https://behavr.com/.

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