Migrating to a secure, compliant cloud infrastructure through ClearDATA’s managed services, Apricus Health enhanced patient health while achieving significant business growth


AUSTIN, Texas (April 5, 2022) — ClearDATA®, healthcare’s largest managed cloud and security provider, today announced that Apricus Health, an innovative technology-enabled healthcare company, is working together with ClearDATA to protect patient data through a highly secure and compliant multi-cloud infrastructure.

Apricus Health’s mission is to keep patients healthy and prevent the need for hospital stays by providing preventive care through its value-based care model. This not only puts patient wellbeing as the top priority, it also lowers costs. Managing fully integrated health systems, including primary care, urgent care and more, Apricus Health has recently been ramping up their 24/7 telehealth services, seeking to provide continual care to improve patient outcomes—and offer the digital healthcare experiences consumers have come to expect.

Since the onset of the pandemic, telehealth and remote monitoring has grown tremendously. As many as 25 million patients have sought remote healthcare as the industry’s digital transformation has accelerated by leaps and bounds—some say as much as five years of progress have occurred due to the pandemic alone.

With the rapid rise of digital health combined with Apricus Health’s significant growth, it was critical for the company to find a partner to help them transition to the cloud and manage multiple clouds, all while remaining fully secure and compliant. Implementing this kind of infrastructure can take years and be incredibly costly for companies to build and scale—and Apricus Health didn’t have the time or the resources to do it on their own. For that reason, Apricus Health chose to work with ClearDATA to meet their needs and achieve compliance with speed.

Leveraging ClearDATA’s healthcare managed cloud services – enabled by its powerful CyberHealth™ platform -Apricus Health was able to increase efficiency for care navigators, ensure seamless flow of health information, migrate to Microsoft’s Azure cloud solution and optimize and increase their current cloud posture. As a result, the company has been able to ensure governance over multiple clouds and patient data, gain access to real-time data and analytics and, ultimately, create a secure, compliant and accessible infrastructure to provide higher quality care and achieve vital business objectives faster.

“Working with ClearDATA has unlocked the door to a secure managed cloud solution,” said Bill Swavely, Chief Technology Officer at Apricus Health. “We’ve been able to achieve significant business expansion, all while enhancing patient outcomes and preserving security. Without ClearDATA, we simply couldn’t have done it.”

“At a time when telehealth has become crucial, modernizing infrastructure and transitioning to secure cloud-based solutions has never been more vital for the healthcare industry,” said Darin Brannan, CEO and co-founder of ClearDATA. “We are thrilled to see that ClearDATA’s managed health cloud has enabled Apricus Health to improve patient health and protect patient data privacy as their business continues to see tremendous growth.”


About Apricus Health

Created by Arizona physicians, Apricus Health is a health care company providing members a direct one-on-one relationship with health care providers and Care Navigators who are accessible from any location to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. Through robust technology, 24/7 care management and near real-time analytics, Apricus Health is changing the care delivery model, helping physicians who work in Value-Based Care environments improve care outcomes while reducing health costs. For more information, visit www.apricushealth.com.


About ClearDATA
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ClearDATA is healthcare’s largest managed cloud and security provider, enabled by our powerful CyberHealth™ platform. Its solutions operationalize cloud and compliance, privacy and security for the healthcare ecosystem. To learn more about how ClearDATA delivers a secure and scalable healthcare cloud, visit cleardata.com.


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