Nervous About a Data Security Analysis?

Author: Jennifer Rouse
VP, Marketing

Are you afraid of what you’ll find out if you conduct a security risk analysis of your hospital’s IT infrastructure? Be more afraid of not finding out!

ClearDATA’s own Carl Kunkleman breaks down why a security risk analysis isn’t so scary after all. Instead, it’s the essential starting point for protecting your small or community hospital from a devastating breach of protected health information.

Listen to the 14-minute radio interview or read the full transcript here. Carl pulls no punches and packs the interview with experienced insights, including:

  • Avoid those “DIY” HIPAA compliance checklists advertised online—most hospitals don’t have enough context to accurately answer them
  • Why HIPAA compliance is a team sport and which players need to be out on the field (hint: it’s not just IT)
  • What to do if a security risk analysis reveals massive vulnerabilities…and your budget is stretched thin
  • …And much more from one of healthcare’s foremost experts in data security!

Remember, security risk assessments aren’t just an item to be checked off on an IT to-do list. They’re a HIPAA requirement! Get the basics fast in this ClearDATA interview.

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