Less Science, More Data

by Darin Brannan
Co-founder and CEO

More than 20% of patients who sought a second opinion have been misdiagnosed by their primary care providers according to a 2017 study by the Mayo Clinic. This level of diagnostic error can result in treatment delays, complications, and even death. We believe the diagnosis process can be completely refined, not through advances in medical science, but advances in data.

It’s no secret that big data is being leveraged more today than ever before. Healthcare leaders are looking to interact, interpret, and share patient data to better diagnosis symptoms. However, gathering the imperative data needed for machine learning has posed the biggest challenge. Before making meaningful leaps toward data analysis, the healthcare industry needs to fix its infrastructure. The path to accomplishing this lies in secure and compliant cloud-based IT solutions that allow for integration and scalability. As the number of electronic records continue to increase and patients begin to seek digital solutions for healthcare such as telemedicine, we see the demand for cloud computing healthcare solutions growing. When the infrastructure problem is finally resolved, the solution is simple. More data leads to more accurate diagnoses. Physicians can better identify issues based on a sizable pool of similar symptoms that will lead to improved treatment plans and evidence-based patient care.

The health ecosystem has so many nuances that I was invited with 2 other healthcare CEOs in Austin to share our thoughts during SXSW 2019. From now until August 30, SXSW is letting the community decide what thought-provoking panel will take the stage. Cast your vote today to learn more from local CEOs that are in the thick of it all.

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