Healthcare Cybersecurity: Tackling the Policy Puzzle

With the emergence of AI and an onslaught of new ransomware groups and other bad actors targeting healthcare data, it’s easy to see why the cybersecurity landscape must evolve.

But what are our nation’s policy leaders doing about these threats, and how can healthcare leaders work together with government officials to make a tangible difference?

That was the topic as ClearDATA Founder & CISO Chris Bowen joined a Semafor panel in D.C. all about how policymakers and business leaders can collaborate. Together, we can establish a more proactive and innovative cybersecurity ecosystem.

Chris spoke with Nathan Lesser, CISO, Children’s National Hospital, and Brian Mazanec, ASPR Deputy Director for the Center of Preparedness, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In the session, he highlighted key vulnerabilities and priorities for U.S. healthcare cybersecurity infrastructure.

Watch below to learn more about the future of cybersecurity and its impact on the healthcare sector.

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