Deliver the value of your data.

Data Analytics

Enable efficient, timely, and accurate validation and processing of source data, modernize your database, migrate from on-prep to cloud-native offerings and more.

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Healthcare Data Analytics

Professional Services for Data Analytics

Disaster Recovery
The technology and process design, as well as implementation, to enable the fast resumption of cloud services after an interruption.

Data Pipelines
Enable efficient, accurate, and timely validation and processing of source data. These include automated ingestions, integrations, and standardized processing of data to prepare it for use.

Database Migration & Modernization
Services can transition you from on-premises databases to cloud-native offerings, moving from expensive commercial databases such as Oracle and SQL Server to open-source technologies in cloud-native environments.

Data Lakes & Designs
Centralize meaningful data, providing enhanced consistency, access, access control and insight.

Data Governance
Coordinate the critical activities that protect, organize, and enable value from data.

Analytics & Reporting
Deliver the value of your organization’s data. Consultants provide design and implementation of data stores to support various reporting use cases.


Secure and provide meaningful insights on your healthcare data.

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