ClearDATA Receives ATO on AWS Designation

by Matt Ferrari
Co-founder and Former CTO

This month ClearDATA joined an elite group of AWS partners by receiving the Authority to Operate (ATO) on AWS designation. ATO on AWS is an Amazon Partner Network program which provides resources to those running on AWS who need assistance with their compliance authorizations.

By naming ClearDATA an ATO on AWS Partner, AWS has validated that our platform and services are capable of accelerating HIPAA and GDPR healthcare workloads on the AWS cloud, because we meet the controls they deem necessary for PHI and healthcare data workloads.

Our team worked hard on this, adding yet another assurance to the quality of privacy, security and compliance support we provide our customers. We were audited against a series of requirements from AWS in order to validate our expertise and provide proof of our customers’ ability to host healthcare workloads on AWS.

One of the requirements was completion of training in the AWS Security Automation and Orchestration methodology, enabling us to better optimize our customers’ workloads on AWS with DevOps, SecOps, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Continuous Risk Treatment strategies. The end result is the ability to reduce cost and time while accelerating security and compliance for our customers, allowing our customers like Synzi to more quickly achieve their go-to-market strategy.

Because we are able to provide our customers with continuous compliance monitoring and automated remediation in tandem with this optimization, we are seeing our healthcare customers take advantage of the time, money, and resources they are saving to focus more energy on their strategic goals to advance the care and personalization patients and members receive. Healthcare and life science organizations look to ClearDATA to be their compliance, security, and privacy experts as it relates to public cloud. This enables the healthcare organization to deliver on their promise of providing the best patient experience, whether it be through accelerated provider care, clinical trial speed and accuracy, quality patient outcomes through machine learning, or many other advancements.

As I speak with healthcare leaders, I’ve learned the truth is that while they are taking advantage of AWS, they cannot afford to be slowed down by traditional compliance controls.  As they innovate and scale their business operations and clinical practices, they are working with the understanding that ClearDATA is working right alongside them to scale and continuously update the privacy, security, and compliance in their cloud infrastructure.

In addition to the ATO on AWS designation, ClearDATA is a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), for assistance. ClearDATA is also an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner and AWS Life Science Competency Partner.

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