ClearDATA Named to Built in Austin’s Top 100 Best Places to Work – Again!

by Darin Brannan

Co-founder and CEO

While we continue to face many challenges in healthcare today, not the least of which remain the pandemic and escalating cybercrime, I do hope your new year is off to a good fresh start and that your organization is enjoying the ‘clean slate’ a new year affords. The work ahead is daunting but has never been more important.

Our new year started with the usual flurry of activity, kickstarting annual goals and strategy. It also came with the welcome announcement that ClearDATA has again (third year in a row) been named to Built in Austin’s Best Places to Work Top 100 list (a big deal in Austin). And we continue to climb the list, coming in at #51 this year, up 36 places.

While we are always delighted to get this email, this year it has a very special meaning to me as CEO. A significant part of the judging behind this list is on culture, perks and benefits the organizations afford their employees, thereby making them great places to work.

In 2020, the typical culture perks of great coffee machines, beer in the fridge, games for lunch breaks, group outings, themed events and the like vanished quickly into the thin air of COVID-19. Our talent, who thrive on their relationships and collaborations with each other – both personal and professional – suddenly found themselves working not from a sleek downtown skyrise but instead from their kitchen table, often across from their children trying to do their schoolwork simultaneously.

This, my friends, is where the rubber hits the road, and where you find out what your culture is really made of.

Because each and every person working at ClearDATA is committed to our mission to make healthcare better every single day, as well as to our core values of transparency, innovation and passion, we just dove into the work and found ways to boost each other along the way. The smaller things took smaller roles as birthday celebrations were relegated to backdrops on Zoom and Teams and a raise of a glass on video screens. Lunches out became lunches in during meetings as we scrambled to address the need for better security protecting hospitals, health plans and those working to develop vaccines.

We learned a lot about the cloud, about healthcare and about technology. We also learned a lot about each other. For me one of the primary learnings was how much we need each other, and to my surprise frankly, the fact that we can be there for each other every single day, whether it’s face-to-face or on screen. We can continue to challenge each other to bring our best, and to not give up when we are tired. We can continue to encourage each other to find ways to stay sane and find laughter in the midst of this so we build resilience.

We can continue to realize that culture is who we are, not the building we work in, though we are anxious to get back in it.

So, this year, thank you Built in Austin, and a very special thank you to each and every person working at ClearDATA for the commitment and compassion you showed in 2020. We made it through. Let’s keep innovating.

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