The Overview

Navigating employee medical and health-related leave—whether you’ve had an on-the-job accident, surgery or extended illness, or are planning to have a baby—is a complex process that involves state and local regulations, specific company policies, and a lot of paperwork containing protected health information that must be kept secure. To make the process less onerous, LeaveLogic helps employees go online to self-serve, plan their leave, and manage their benefits, family choices, and manager discussions all in one place. LeaveLogic allows internal and external resources and forms to be seamlessly presented to the employee exactly when they are needed. The cloud-based software even sends email-based training to the employee’s manager on employee rights and available resources. When employees are ready, they can easily share their planned leave and return dates within the organization.

“Planning family leave is complicated. Requirements and benefits vary widely based on your life event, the company you work for, and your work location,” says Justin Alford, chief technology officer at LeaveLogic. “Employees often are not aware of the rights and benefits afforded to them, and HR professionals struggle to keep up, too. We give employees a real-time visual dashboard of the paid and job-protected leave available to them while delivering the bite-sized, just-in-time actions that should be taken to achieve a successful leave and smooth return to work.”

The Challenge

As a startup, LeaveLogic wanted to get up and running quickly to build a first-mover market advantage. Building and maintaining its own infrastructure was out of the question from a time-to-market perspective. The company wanted a healthcare-specific, cloud infrastructure provider with superb security expertise that would tailor its services to grow with LeaveLogic as it scaled to meet the needs of both small to medium businesses and enterprise companies.

“As a startup, managing our resources and capital are paramount and keeping up with security is expensive,” says Alford. “We knew in order to provide the level of security required to safeguard protected health information (PHI), we needed a strong, dedicated services partner that would help us be hyper-focused on security while allowing our core resources to focus on product development and customer success.”

The Solution

After researching several cloud hosting providers, LeaveLogic chose ClearDATA as its partner in hosting the LeaveLogic solution. LeaveLogic chose ClearDATA because it provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant managed cloud platform exclusively for healthcare and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cost and security credentials, including HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification, were additional deciding factors.

“We were impressed by ClearDATA’s reputation and exclusive experience in the healthcare space. A favorable recommendation for ClearDATA from our IT acquisition consulting partners at Avail Partners sealed the deal,” says Alford.

The Results

By selecting ClearDATA based on AWS, LeaveLogic was able to accelerate time to market significantly. Adding to the benefits, the company did not have to expend IT resources to maintain its own infrastructure or rely on a cloud-hosting partner without specific healthcare expertise. Because LeaveLogic’s site is powered by AWS, the company will be able to scale to support more businesses looking to take the complexity out of family and medical leave for their employees.

ClearDATA’s unparalleled security expertise alleviated concerns about any PHI breaches and reduced risks for LeaveLogic, not to mention helping the company grow its business.

“Having our services hosted in a HITRUST-certified infrastructure as a startup has given us a seat at the table with our customers’ IT and security teams that we may not have had otherwise,” says Alford. “By leveraging ClearDATA’s services, we can spend our resources focusing on delighting our customers as we scale, versus having to dedicate time and expertise almost solely to security.”