An increasing number of healthcare providers rely on Callidus Health’s inventive cloud-based communication platforms to streamline healthcare delivery. The company’s CareLINK application for physician offices, clinics, and hospital divisions can fully replace answering services and appointment reminder systems, manage the most complex call schedules, and engage patients through options such as live chat. The software captures and stores all doctor-patient interactions, which is a big help with auditing, legal protection, billing, and call response tracking.

CareTEAM, targeted at hospital systems, is a fully customizable, provider-to-provider communication platform that solves inefficiencies in care coordination and referrals. Approved providers can coordinate care through direct and group texts, easily make calls using voice over IP, share files securely via Box, and collaborate online on individual patient cases.

The Challenge

Both CareTEAM and CareLINK are mission-critical. The applications also store and relay large amounts of protected health information (PHI). When customers inquire about Callidus’ solutions, they always ask about security, HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, and uptime. That is why Callidus needed a cloud infrastructure provider with a proven track record, scalability, and unquestionable ability to protect PHI.

“We wanted a cloud infrastructure partner that could offer the security, reliability, and scalability we require,” says Gerrit Adams, co-founder of Callidus Health. “We were using a provider that went down for a few days during our first few months in business. Because of the mission-critical nature of our products and the healthcare industry overall, downtime is unacceptable.”

The Solution

After evaluating multiple providers, Callidus Health chose ClearDATA due to its proven track record and use by multiple hospital systems and healthcare technology companies. ClearDATA was also the only vendor that was HITRUST certified, HIPAA compliant, and focused solely on healthcare. Today, Callidus Health runs its solutions on ClearDATA’s Healthcare Managed Cloud running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“ClearDATA’s HITRUST certification and reputation in the healthcare market were major drivers in our selection process,” says Adams. “The scalability and reliability of AWS were also important to our decision.”

The Results

ClearDATA’s Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS helps ensure that the CareLINK and CareTEAM applications provide fully secure, yet fluid exchange of patient information. ClearDATA’s HIPAA compliance expertise and HITRUST certification help mitigate risk of regulatory non-compliance, security issues or data breaches. Moreover, ClearDATA is more than just a cloud hosting provider. The ClearDATA team works hand-in-hand with Callidus as a reliable partner.

“ClearDATA’s team is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating,” says Adams. “Their attentiveness makes scalability easier and directly improves our business model and outcomes. We previously fielded many questions regarding HIPAA security and HITRUST certification, but when we mention ClearDATA, our clients feel comfortable with the security and technology underlying our products.”