ClearDATA Named to Best Places to Work 2020

by Darin Brannan
Co-founder and CEO

As I was returning from the J. P. Morgan Conference in San Francisco last week, invigorated from so many great meetings with industry analysts and investors, I had the pleasure of getting the news that ClearDATA has been named to Built in Austin’s 100 Best Places to Work List.

As a CEO, there’s a great deal of joy and validation knowing the company provides a supportive environment for our talent. Building and growing a company’s culture to get to a place where you earn this kind of distinction is tough work. It takes patience and perseverance on the part of each and every employee.

Our Core Values are passion, transparency and innovation—and each of these is illustrated in the commitment every person brings to work every day as they badge in. Having a mission with such social impact helps attract that kind of talent, and we’ve made huge leaps forward in the last few years in our mission to make healthcare better every single day. But we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. And we are all excited for the year ahead.

The digital transformation of healthcare is underway, and I believe every member of our team is contributing to that in some way. The outcome of that transformation is a move away from antiquated and dangerous legacy systems to modernized technology, machine learning, and AI that make the most of what we know in order to make people healthier. And we’re making that happen in a way that protects patient privacy in a secure cloud environment. We maintain a culture of continuous improvement and learning, and it’s become systemic to the way we all function.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do and why our 200+ team members are driven by our mission, visit our careers page and reach out. We’re growing, and we are interested in connecting with super intelligent, passionate people who want to make a difference in healthcare.

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