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Microsoft Azure has opened the door to transformative innovation across the diverse healthcare landscape. ClearDATA’s managed cloud and defense services – enabled by the powerful CyberHealth™ platform – help protect you and your data, so you can achieve your most ambitious cloud objectives.

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Flexible cloud defense solutions to build your private offer

ClearDATA CyberHealth™ Platform
with Managed Cloud Operations

ClearDATA is healthcare’s largest managed cloud service provider, powered by industry-leading CyberHealth platform and Policy-as-Code™ Engine. Our sophisticated tooling delivers a cloud ecosystem that prevents, detects, and remediates compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps, automating and enforcing continuous multi-cloud security and compliance with hundreds of regulatory frameworks. Collectively, our software and managed services support deep capabilities to keep your data safe — across healthcare cloud Operations, Detection, and Assessments & Risk Management.

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ClearDATA Managed Health Cloud

As healthcare’s largest Managed Cloud and Security Services Provider, ClearDATA has more than a passing understanding of your unique needs and challenges. Our guidance and partnership can take you from legacy systems that hold you back from innovation and limit your capabilities to improve patient care to cloud adopters, able to deliver capabilities that patients and customers are demanding. We provide the technical capabilities and enablement for safe and secure cloud adoption so that you can focus on your strategy.

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ClearDATA Professional Services
for Healthcare Organizations

ClearDATA Professional Services helps healthcare organizations to achieve three outcomes: Cloud Enablement, Data & Analytics readiness, and Privacy & Cybersecurity. If you have a digital transformation, an AI, or a CI/CD project that requires deep knowledge of healthcare requirements, let ClearDATA show you why we are a market leader.

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ClearDATA Security Risk
Assessment for Healthcare

ClearDATA Security Risk Assessment (SRA) for Healthcare helps providers maintain compliance with MIPS annual security risk analysis as part of cloud adoption and digital transformation projects.

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Our Approach — Shared Responsibility

Our CyberHealth™ platform provides foundational, operational management of security and privacy on the cloud — providing the foundation upon which you can innovate securely on the cloud. We understand how different standards and regulations apply to cloud and prescribe the appropriate technical controls that must be in-place not only to achieve compliance but also to secure sensitive data to protect the reputation of your company and the privacy of your customers, providing you both visibility and confidence that your data is secure and protected.