As the world continues to grapple with living during a pandemic, public health has become a priority more than ever as it relates to understanding:

  • Symptoms of COVID-19
  • What to do should you face symptoms of COVID-19
  • What to do if you have existing doctor’s appointments, surgeries, etc.
  • Best practices to prevent exposure of COVID-19
  • How does my plan protect me and/or my family

Call centers are facing unprecedented demand and capacity as members continue reaching out to understand and find answers to questions similar to those above. With efforts already focused around improving the member experience, it’s imperative payers act quickly to reach their members proactively with information they’re seeking, sooner than later and efficiently.

With the increasing importance of analytics and data management, a cloud-enabled mentality lets health insurers streamline operations and optimize costs while delivering innovative approaches to improve member interaction. One area that can have significant impact, both internally as well as tangible to your members, is a personalized call center experience. One of our customers, a large payer organization has partnered with us to leverage the public cloud to improve their service team’s first call resolution in their call center, increase engagement, and identify trends or issues members might experience.

The public cloud can help organizations scale applications to connect different data points from existing IT assets. For a call center application, imagine connecting data from your call center software, data warehouse, and/or your Business Intelligence teams, whether or not they are in the cloud, to uncover insights that can help you deliver an improved experience.

The cloud has advanced analytics technologies around text analysis and machine learning that can help you derive insights from your data and also lets you use the data to provide a more engaging experience. For example, you can aggregate data and trends around COVID-19-related engagements and serve those answers through other digital means to address these commonly served inquiries. Additionally, you could re-purpose audio recordings from customer service representatives and use natural language processing to automate the QA process, or automate things like supervisor escalation based on real-time sentiment analysis. Learn more about how payers are leveraging AI and Machine Learning to improve member engagement here.

To begin, you need a secure and compliant environment that can transmit, store, and process PHI. The public cloud provides a breadth of services, many of which are eligible to handle sensitive data such as PHI. However, the customer is responsible to understand how those services must be configured. That’s where ClearDATA can help.

ClearDATA not only provides guidance on a secure and compliant architecture for your analytics workload —whether for AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud—but also enforces and remediates a secure environment throughout the lifecycle of your application. Whether or not you have extensive cloud experience, ClearDATA provides a secure foundation to use the cloud to:

  • Create process for extracting files from call center app
  • Design secure site-to-site connection between the clouds
  • Use advanced technologies from the cloud that can recognize sentiment or scoring and integrate into your analytics data model
  • Create semantic layer and BI reporting to drive your organization’s KPIs
  • Make insights actionable by operationalizing the findings into your call center processes

ClearDATA call center cloud computing workflow


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