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The nation's only healthcare exclusive cloud computing provider.

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HIPAA Compliant

Exceeds the highest standards in HIPAA compliance and information security.

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HITRUST Certified

The healthcare industry's gold standard for measuring compliance and security.

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HealthDATA™ Cloud Computing Platform

Advanced cloud computing platform built exclusively for healthcare.

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Healthcare Cloud Backup

Securely store your data offsite, exceeds strictest standards for HIPAA compliance.

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Healthcare IT Infrastructure

Fully managed, secure, cloud infrastructure optimized for critical healthcare workloads.

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Healthcare Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and critical applications in the event of an unplanned outage or disaster.

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Healthcare Professional Services

Elite team of healthcare technology experts available to help you solve your most pressing challenges.

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Healthcare Cloud Managed Services

Reduce your IT costs, increase your operational flexibility, and minimize your infrastructure risks.

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“With the current trends in cloud hosting and well documented cost saving benefits, it seemed like an outdated workflow to purchase and maintain all of that server and storage equipment and software in...”

Brian Schleifer Director of Development National Dental Systems, LLC, DBA DentalSmart

“One of the top reasons we chose ClearDATA is due to their healthcare-exclusivity. They spoke our language.”

Chen Peng VP, Mobile Technology, Bluejay Mobile Health

“With ClearDATA, we have a partner that genuinely understands how vital it is to secure patient information flawlessly, meet healthcare regulations, and guard against downtime. Ultimately, ClearDATA he...”

Colby LeMaire Chief Executive Officer, Objective Medical Systems

Recent Healthcare IT Articles

Top 5 Trends in Healthcare IT

August 28, 2015

2014 was a major year for healthcare. It marked the unveiling of the Affordable Care Act, the first year that it was actually operational; in turn, the percentage of people in the United States with health insurance rose to an unprecedented rate. Digital health also grew larger and […]

5 Game-Changing Healthcare Technologies

August 26, 2015

Five key technologies are changing the healthcare experience for patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and payers. Healthcare IT is on the rise, with a University of Chicago analysis projecting that there will be 21% more employees in the field by the end of the decade. Throughout the industry, the […]

Beyond HIPAA Compliance: How Life Sciences Companies Can Extend the Reach of the Cloud

August 17, 2015

The life sciences industry has never had access to more potentially life-changing and industry-changing data than it does today. Yet without a way to quickly transform this data into a usable, shareable environment, many will be left behind while others go to market. And that’s the other side […]

Consumer and Patient Engagement

August 13, 2015

The healthcare industry has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years. As recently as 2012, many healthcare providers operated within an uncoordinated care model fraught with unnecessary duplication of services, prone to error and offered limited visibility into the overall condition of the patient upon discharge. […]

Recent News

ClearDATA Appoints Steve Crusenberry as SVP of Products

August 19, 2015

Phoenix, Ariz. (Aug. 19, 2015) – ClearDATA, the healthcare industry leader in cloud computing, platform and information security services, announced today that veteran cloud computing executive Steve Crusenberry has joined the company as Senior Vice President of Products. Most recently, Steve was SVP, Products and Engineering for Rackspace […]

Liaison Technologies Partners with ClearDATA to Offer ALLOY Health™ Platform in HIPAA-Compliant Secure Cloud

August 12, 2015

Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ (August 12, 2015) – Liaison Technologies, a leader in cloud-based integration and data management, and ClearDATA, the healthcare-exclusive cloud computing provider, today announced that they have joined forces to launch the industry’s most secure HIPAA-compliant solution for data integration and management. Within ClearDATA’s […]

Good Data Saves Lives

July 31, 2015

by RaeAnne Marsh One thousand people die every day due to medical error. This shocking revelation at a Senate hearing last year put medical error at the No. 3 position for cause of death in the United States. Electronic health records (EHRs) are seen as part of the […]

The seedy underworld of medical data trafficking

July 8, 2015

As more healthcare organizations are discovering to their woe, having direct access to patients’ personal health information puts a giant target on their backs for cyber thieves that traffic in stolen medical records. Medical data breaches are increasing in frequency and scope, with millions of Americans now victims […]