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The nation's only healthcare exclusive cloud computing provider.

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Exceeds the highest standards in HIPAA compliance and information security.

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HITRUST Certified

The healthcare industry's gold standard for measuring compliance and security.

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The solutions are clear.

HealthDATA™ Cloud Computing Platform

Advanced cloud computing platform built exclusively for healthcare.

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Healthcare Cloud Backup

Securely store your data offsite, exceeds strictest standards for HIPAA compliance.

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Healthcare IT Infrastructure

Fully managed, secure, cloud infrastructure optimized for critical healthcare workloads.

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Healthcare Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and critical applications in the event of an unplanned outage or disaster.

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Healthcare Professional Services

Elite team of healthcare technology experts available to help you solve your most pressing challenges.

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Healthcare Cloud Managed Services

Reduce your IT costs, increase your operational flexibility, and minimize your infrastructure risks.

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“We see ClearDATA as the gold standard of cloud-based storage and disaster recovery. In my opinion, they are the industry leader. They know the terminology, the challenges, and the ways to solve our un...”

Jason Hawley Director of Information Services and Chief Security Officer, Yuma District Hospital

“We went from 40 line items in our budget to a single line item through ClearDATA … with a significant cost savings. We don’t have to try to overbuild for what the capacity might be in the future. ...”

Jason Greer Executive Director, CCMCN

“One of the top reasons we chose ClearDATA is due to their healthcare-exclusivity. They spoke our language.”

Chen Peng VP, Mobile Technology, Bluejay Mobile Health

Recent Healthcare IT Articles

Migrating Legacy Healthcare Data to the Cloud (Webinar)

July 27, 2015

For healthcare providers, the patient record retention dilemma is stretching the limits of on-site storage, driving up IT costs, and often compromising timely access to patient records. In this Health IT Outcomes webinar sponsored by ClearDATA, we’ll address how migrating legacy data to the cloud alleviates these concerns […]

Healthcare Big Data to Advance Precision Medicine

July 22, 2015

The $215 million Precision Medicine Initiative, a major Obama Administration health project, is an effort that uses HIT to design treatments for individual patients. Previously limited to the study of certain types of cancer, data scientists (including the one hired recently by the White House) have become interested […]

Most Doctors Open to Video Visits

July 20, 2015

Are many doctors too traditional to keep pace with technology? That question was answered with a resounding “no” in a US poll of physicians, in which 57% (out of the 2000+ respondents) said that they would agree to do video consultations. Why doctor time is becoming tighter The […]

HIPAA: Do You Need Proof of Encryption?

July 17, 2015

HIPAA Title II does not explicitly require that you need to retain proof of any efforts you make to encrypt devices. However, Mike Chapple, PhD, Notre Dame’s senior director of IT service delivery, recommends you keep all records. Encryption a major concern of HHS The issue of device […]

Recent News

The seedy underworld of medical data trafficking

July 8, 2015

As more healthcare organizations are discovering to their woe, having direct access to patients’ personal health information puts a giant target on their backs for cyber thieves that traffic in stolen medical records. Medical data breaches are increasing in frequency and scope, with millions of Americans now victims […]

Intel Security and VMware Announce Integrated Solution for Automating and Accelerating Advanced Security Services Deployment

June 16, 2015

Collaboration enables advanced threat protection of the increasing volume of east-west data center traffic not inspected by security controls today Intel Security and VMware, Inc. today announced an integrated solution that leverages a Software-Defined Data Center approach and the VMware NSX™ network virtualization platform to automate the distribution […]

MedEvolve Partners with ClearDATA for Subscription-as-a-Service Offering

June 16, 2015

Phoenix, Ariz. (June 15, 2015) – ClearDATA announced today it has been selected to provide HealthDATA™ Cloud and SaaS HIT Cloud Management platform and services to MedEvolve, Inc. a provider of practice management and revenue cycle management software and services. MedEvolve will offer secure application hosting to its […]

More momentum for vertical cloud computing as ClearDATA scores $25 million

May 29, 2015

The trend of top infrastructure-as-a-service giants pushing smaller players into niche markets has caught many traditional providers off guard, but you wouldn’t know that from ClearDATA Inc.’s new $25 million funding round. The capital will help fuel the development of its namesake public cloud, which has gained a […]