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ClearDATA Continues To Win Industry Accolades, Earning Two Prestigious Awards

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Security Solutions
for Cloud

Accelerate your cloud initiatives—across even your most sensitive data sets. Develop your strategy integrating security from design time through runtime, knowing your data and your organization are protected by ClearDATA.

Secure your data.
Secure your organization.

Be undaunted by cloud security, knowing ClearDATA is always on. Our software and services teams work on your behalf to keep sensitive health data secure. A few things you can accomplish with the ClearDATA CyberHealth platform in your arsenal:

  • Continuously prevent vulnerabilities

    Use both proactive configuration and ongoing remediation to mitigate risks and eliminate vulnerabilities that could lead to security incidents and breaches.

  • Gain deep insight into cloud use

    Visualize how both individuals and the organization at large access your cloud environments. Gain actionable insights to ensure security and compliance protocols and best practices are implemented consistently.

  • Stay ahead of privacy and security risks

    Keep up with internal and external services and applications, decommissioning when appropriate, and understand your vulnerabilities so you can address areas of highest risk.

  • Do more with your PHI

    Locate ePHI to ensure adequate protection of those workloads and storage areas, build more robust machine learning models, and share more complete data sets with partners with automated tracing, inventories, masking and redaction.

ClearDATA is your tireless partner in security—bolstering your defenses to prevent and thwart cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware, phishing, data compromise or application attacks.

ClearDATA platform and services capabilities

  • Operations

  • Detection

  • Assessments & Risk Management

  • Managed Defense

  • Cloud operations

  • Cloud Transformation Services

Operationalize the security of your development and ops from day one—and throughout the life cycle of your application.

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