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You can embrace digital transformation without detracting from your top line business objectives. Operationalize privacy and security with the ClearDATA CyberHealth™ platform and services—and accelerate your time to market while deploying continuous compliance measures across your cloud infrastructure.

Build and scale confidently—
and securely

Accelerate your business objective initiatives—undaunted by the complexities of security, compliance and the cloud. Go to market with confidence, knowing ClearDATA is always on. Our software automation and services teams work tirelessly to keep sensitive health data private and secure. We operationalize the foundation so you can:

Reach wider audiences

Focus on growth and expansion to new markets, confident in the security of your sensitive patient data and the compliance with regional standards—all backed by a healthcare-centric cloud privacy and security platform that scales along with you.

Harness advanced analytics for powerful business insights

Leverage analytics using large data sets that can provide insights about your customers and your market.

Adjust to changing priorities

Because business and IT priorities can change quickly, you can focus your cloud transformation on low-risk, high-impact areas that can show early results, or focus on your core competency and speed your time to market.

Efficiently integrate acquisitions

Facilitate due diligence to prove your security and compliance capability to companies with the highest standards around regulations, requirements and risk. Conversely, easily run reporting on the cloud environments within potential acquisition targets.

Accelerate digital patient offerings

As telehealth, digital health apps and remote monitoring become more familiar, patients will increasingly expect a high-quality user experience. Keeping pace with their needs requires continual digital innovation.

ClearDATA is your steadfast partner. We are dedicated to helping healthcare organizations move faster and smarter—speeding time to market, keeping costs in check, taking on smart acquisitions and growing their bottom line.

Accelerate your secure digital transformation. Supercharge your business.

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