The Anatomy of a Healthcare Data Breach (Webinar)

The exponential growth of ePHI (electronic protected health information) has placed thousands of healthcare organizations at significant risk of breach or data loss. CIO’s are faced with the stark reality that existing security measures are simply not sufficient to protect patient data. Many  notable health system have fallen victim to a security breach where patient PHI is exposed. In fact, according to The Washington Post, healthcare data breaches have affected more than 30 million patients to date and have resulted in millions of dollars in penalties, remediation, and restitution. This disturbing trend has healthcare providers, payers, and the technology companies that support them scared stiff.

The fact of the matter is most health data breaches today follow a very similar pattern. Many healthcare providers that fall victim to a breach are vulnerable for the same reasons — reasons that can be easily identified, outlined, and ultimately, corrected.

In this 60-minute free webinar sponsored by ClearDATA, Xtelligent Media Director of Editorial, Kyle Murphy, and an expert panel will take an unbiased look at the root causes behind some of the most prolific health data breaches to date. These presenters will then provide attendees with proven tips and advice for how to shore up their health data defenses.

Recent breaches that will be discussed include Anthem, Advocate Medical Group, and Premara.

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