Developing a Secure Healthcare Cloud Roadmap (Webinar)

Medical identity theft comes at a high cost to its victims, and even worse, it can cost lives, through something as simple as a blood transfusion using the wrong type. What can healthcare organizations do to ensure their patients are protected?

The answer lies in an effective security roadmap, and many are turning to the cloud. Through effective cloud security, healthcare organizations are finding they can eradicate most data breaches at their root.

Join Krish Krishnan, Analyst at Sixth Sense Advisors, and Chris Bowen, Founder and Chief Security Officer of ClearDATA, to learn:

  • The threats – both internal and external – that confront healthcare organizations
  • How a comprehensive security program can address the information lifecycle of patient data
  • How to eliminate the biggest causes of data breaches with a cloud security roadmap and a “Defense in Depth” strategy