Safe and Sound: Cloud 2.0 for Healthcare Has Arrived

While the Cloud offers great promise for all industries, there are very compelling arguments for its effective use in healthcare. The usual benefits apply — ease of deployment, scalable architecture, limited maintenance. But in addition, mature Cloud architectures are now provably safer than even some of the most secure traditional data centers. And when it comes to making progress on cures for diseases like cancer, MS and others, few analysts would argue against the number-crunching benefits of modern Cloud solutions.

During this HealthDataManagement Webcast you’ll learn from several industry experts about how the Cloud is fundamentally transforming the healthcare industry. World-renowned IT Analyst Krish Krishnan of Sixth Sense will provide details on how the Cloud has matured in recent years, while Matt Ferrari of ClearDATA will demonstrate how their HealthDATA Cloud Computing Platform has been custom-built to address the rigors of healthcare provisioning, including safeguards designed to help organizations comply with the Affordable Healthcare Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.